Below are testimonials from Travis’ clients and colleagues. The list continues to grow as he delights his clients and colleagues alike:

  • The best young trial lawyer in the state in my opinion. – Jacob Smith, Washington attorney.


  • Travis is hard working, very smart, and he is creative in coming up with unique solutions to challenging legal issues. He is respected by his adversaries and adored by his clients. – Paul Whelan, Washington attorney.


  • Travis was the third lawyer I had engaged and the only lawyer that truly had a medical understanding. Travis handled this entire personal trauma in the most professional and understanding way. I honestly believe my case would not have gone as well with another firm. – Craig Welton, former client.


  • Travis Jameson is a fantastic lawyer who I have worked with on several substantial matters. Great person. Great lawyer. – Jonathan Remmel, Nevada attorney.


  • A superb Lawyer! Knowledgeable, patient and aggressive.  Mr. Jameson was litigating my case against four parties at the same time and was outstanding and victorious. The most remarkable element that Mr. Jameson has is the high moral which is very hard to find in Legal Industry. – Biljana Mirkovic, former client.


  • I have known and collaborated with Travis for over 15 years. He is a force to be reckoned with, a fierce litigator, and has aptly earned the moniker, The Lion.  – Heather Unger, Oregon attorney.


  • I was amazed by Travis’ skills as an attorney. He really goes that extra mile for you.  He always looks out for the best interest of his client first and foremost. – Chad Cione, former client.


  • Travis is a formidable opponent. Aggressive yet highly ethical. – Brett Wieburg, Washington attorney.


  • His work ethic and attention to detail are unparalleled. He is creative with his way to assess each case by not taking a cookie-cutter approach so often employed by attorneys. – Phillip Tiberi, Nevada attorney.


  • He is bright and quiet yet confident.  The defense bar does not look forward to fighting against him. – Tyler Goldberg-Hoss, Washington attorney.


  • His reputation is well respected by fellow lawyers and opposing counsel.  – Cleo Floyd, Washington attorney.


  • Travis is extremely sharp and always prepared with superb legal knowledge, negotiation skills and natural common sense. With the combination of thoughtful advocacy, experience and skill, Travis is able to secure favorable verdicts and settlements even where others cannot. – Rachel Jacobson, Nevada attorney.


  • Travis has the integrity and experience that makes him a top notch lawyer– the smart pitbull every insurance company fears. – Catherine Fleming, Washington attorney.


  • Travis has gone above and beyond what any attorney has done for me in the past. He makes you feel as if you are the most important thing to him in the world. I could not have asked for a better attorney. – Lynn McPherson, former client.


  • He is a true class act. His intelligence is rivaled only by his heart. He’s in it to win it and that makes him one of the most formidable legal opponents any defense attorney will meet. He believes in his clients. He believes in his community. And he believes in his professional mission. – Gemma Zanowski, Washington attorney.


  • Mr. Jameson represented me and my family between early 2000s to late 2012 when he has relocated to Seattle, WA. In every instance the outcome exceeded my expectations. He is highly ethical; aggressive when needed but very gentle and understanding when it comes to those that have suffered permanent and devastating injuries. Hopefully, you will never need his services, but in an unlikely event that you do, then, based on my experience, I strongly believe you will have the best advocate possible.  -Nenad Mirkovic, former client.


  • He is dedicated to providing his clients with the very best legal representation. He is committed to seeking the justice his clients deserve. He spares no effort working for his clients. – Kevin Coluccio, Washington attorney.


  • Travis is a creative, thorough and empathetic lawyer who works hard to obtain fair compensation for his clients. – Robert Bohm, Washington attorney.


  • Travis is a thoughtful and hard-charging lawyer who counsels his clients realistically and champions their causes with heart and conviction.  – Daniel Laurence, Washington attorney.


  • Travis is a natural leader in the community. He not only brings a great enthusiasm for his work, but also a wealth of experience and knowledge. – Julian Hurst, Washington attorney.


  • I have known Travis Jameson for over ten years, and I have not only been impressed by his ability to obtain great results for clients, I have always been touched by the genuine concern he has for them. Accordingly, there was no question as to who should represent my family when my husband and six year old son were involved in a serious motor vehicle accident and sustained personal injuries. – Sophia Cione, Nevada attorney.


  • He is professionally courteous, patient, pleasant to work with and extremely thorough. Travis is the attorney that I call on for assistance with legal and ethical issues.  – Araba Panford, Nevada attorney.


  • Travis is an intense, intelligent, and detail oriented attorney. – Karen Koehler, Washington attorney.


  • I have had a few cases with Travis.  I have found him to be prepared and knowledgeable about the injuries, the medical treatment and billing, and his clients. – Kevin King, Nevada attorney.


  • Travis works hard to ensure that his clients get top notch representation and justice. His clients are lucky to have him on their side. – Sunshine Bradshaw, Washington attorney.


  • Travis is a dedicated compassionate professional advocate dedicated to his clients and helping his fellow attorneys become better lawyers. – Joseph Koplin, Washington attorney.


  • Mr. Jameson’s writings on the law have been very helpful to me, and beyond that, they’re interesting and well written! A fearless advocate. – David Barrett, Washington attorney.

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